Things for the Home Wish List

Ever had the feeling that your life could be so much better, easier or more glamorous if only you had a specific feature in your home? It’s a common complaint. But when you can’t flick through design photos or peer over the neighbor’s fence without feeling a pang of envy, it’s time to admit it: You are suffering from a case of Interiors FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Here are some of the most common envy inducers:

Things for the Dream-Home Wish List

Bifold doors. Whether you’re on a mission to bring the outside in or vice versa, your success, er, hinges on these glazed beauties. Fold them right back and you effectively remove a wall, opening up the living area and increasing the sense of space. Make sure the floor levels in the house and garden are the same to create a seamless transition between the two.

A special shed. As if abandoning the daily commute weren’t reason enough to whoop for joy, a heavenly home office like this should tip you over the celebratory edge. Remarkably spacious, with ample shelving, plenty of natural light and outlets, it puts standard sheds in the shade.

A sunken hot tub. Banish all thoughts of pampas grass and swinger parties with the neighbors — this sunken beauty is the new acceptable face of hot tubbing. With all the benefits of relaxing under the stars as you sip something chilled, this model is far less imposing than standard ones that are plonked on the lawn and dominate the garden. Silver birch trees create a magical backdrop, and the warm wooden surround makes an attractive sunbathing deck. Who needs holidays?

A cool wine cellar. Outgrown your wine rack? A subterranean cellar could be just the ticket, allowing you to store a substantial number of bottles in an otherwise redundant space. Sleek, stylish and featuring a spiral staircase, an ingenious addition like this would surely make you the star of the dinner-party circuit.

An outdoor screen. For the ultimate summer-evening entertainment, bring the home cinema experience outside and project your favorite film on to a perfectly positioned retractable screen. A strong statement color behind makes it an appealing feature all year round. If guests overstay their welcome on those balmy evenings, you can always start showing your family’s home videos

A tree house. Swing-slide combo looking a bit tired? Just imagine the hours of peace that could be gained by installing a five-star tree house in the garden. Wave goodbye to the guilt as your kids enjoy summers filled with wholesome fun. And if they simply use it as a new location in which to play Minecraft, at least they’re getting some fresh air, right?

A dedicated game room. Wouldn’t life with teenagers be a breeze if they had their own space? This converted loft is a cross between the lounge in your local bar and the meeting room in a painfully hip ad agency. Metal pendants plus exposed brickwork and beams give the space a cool, industrial edge that your not-so-little darlings will (possibly) thank you for. Who knows? You may even be granted admission from time to time.

A well-organized walk-in closet. Imagine if your day began not by rummaging in your closet for something vaguely suitable, but by sashaying into a beautifully organized room where perfectly presented outfits politely vie for your attention. Some homeowners are now opting for dedicated clothes storage over en suite baths, while others are requisitioning neglected small rooms in the pursuit of a glamorous, orderly walk-in wonder.

A glamorous bath. The appeal of a decadent bathing space is closely associated with the idea of having time for a long, indulgent soak. Obligatory elements include a claw-foot tub, a large chandelier (classic or contemporary) and enough space in which to pad around without becoming impaled on a heated towel bar. Moody hues are a definite bonus, too.

A smart laundry space. If someone had told the younger you that a room dedicated to laundry could evoke such joy, what would have been your reaction? Well, it may be a tiny bit tragic, but in the grown-up world, order and organization equal an easy life, and a smart space like this would banish washday blues for good. This compact, glorified cupboard is the ideal solution: Stacked machines and a retractable ironing board save space, while bifold doors hide everything so visitors are saved from the sight of your drying underwear.