Spring Renovation Ideas

Get Outside and Embrace the season with these Spring Renovation Ideas – After being cooped up all winter – and with cabin fever reaching a fever pitch – people will use any excuse to be outside these days! Even though spring is best known for spring cleaning, there are plenty of home renovation opportunities that can provide you with the perfect excuse to be outdoors. So, enjoy the sunshine, and give the outside of your home a boost with some easy renovation projects that will brighten it up just in time for spring:

1. Give your porch some TLC
The façade of your home is the first thing that people notice when they’re walking by or pulling up. So, make sure that your front porch represents the quality of the rest of your home! Repainting your front porch can add life and value to your entire home. Many times, homeowners neglect their front porch because many times they are entering from the garage or the back and don’t notice that it is getting worn down – so try to view the front of your home like a guest would! Then, highlight that new paint job with energy efficient light bulbs that will save you money on your utilities and brighten up the appearance of your porch at night. There are many different lighting options available that can add a classy touch to your home. The lights will also add security and make guests feel safe when entering or leaving your home when it’s dark.

2. Add a pop of color
There is no rule that says your home has to have a neutral front door. A bright red or blue may be a little ambitious for your tastes, but a nice spring color such as a yellow or green will liven up your home – and it will make your home stand out from all of the other homes on your block. Painting your front door is a relatively easy project you can complete in one day, like the first warm sunny day of the season! Make sure you get some help when shopping for paint, so that you can find one that is durable enough for the outdoors. A specialist at any home improvement store will be able to tell you which paints are perfect for this project.

3. Clean up your front sidewalk
Your sidewalk is another part of your home that you may not notice is getting worn down if you don’t walk on it every day. Boost your curb appeal by fixing up any broken pieces of your sidewalk (which could also be a hazard to your guests and other passers-by, and should be fixed anyway!). After you have fixed your sidewalk, rent a pressure washer and clean up your sidewalk. You may not realize how much debris you will clean out by spending less than an hour pressure washing it!

4. Landscape
You don’t need to put in a lot of work to see great results, and as an added bonus, landscaping is a great workout! Head out to your local nursery, and find some great flowers or bushes to plant for the spring. They’ll give your home a nice pop of color that’s truly spring-like! If you aren’t feeling quite that ambitious, a nice hanging basket with some fresh flowers in it is always a nice touch, too.

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