Out-of-the-Box Fire Pit Ideas

Once upon a time, fire pits were built out of necessity, for both warmth and cooking. But today’s fire pits are more stylish than ever. The new fire pits — including gas-powered versions — add serious drama when it’s time for s’mores.

Fire bowl


No chopping wood here! These sleek and modern fire pits are often built out of a concrete and Fiberglas mix to create a lightweight structure. Fuel canisters sit within the pit and are easily refillable. Any fire-proof substance can be added to the fire bowl for an appealing display — even when the fire is out.


A fire pit with a deep basin can provide significant warmth for an outdoor seating area.


Ash-colored firestone pebbles surround the gas flame in this fire bowl. This fire pit comes with on/off key for easy control.

Fire pit table


Go for a two-in-one style. Many of these fire pit and table combinations come with lids to cover the fire pit when it’s not in use. These styles work with gas-powered and wood fire pits.

firepit table

This fire pit is built out of Travertine stone. The naturally-occurring material is one of the most durable on the market.

A fire pit with stone details creates a gathering place at the edge of a yard.

Fire and water


Don’t choose between a fountain and a fire pit. Ready-made fire pit fountains make it easy to combine both elements. Or, create your own water fire pit by adding an above ground pit to a water feature. As long as you can safely run a gas line, or ensure fuel canisters remain dry, you can enjoy the combination of water and fire.

firewater 2

Add free-standing fire pits to the edge of a pool for an easy fire-plus-water installation.


Fire as art


Fuel canisters or gas lines make it possible to add flames to any fire pit installation.

Global warming goes literal with this unusual fire pit.

Credit: Zillow Blog