Maximize Storage in Your Garage

3 Easy Ways to Maximize Storage in Your GarageCommonly used as the family dumping ground, the garage is undergoing a revival as a functional workplace. Installing a garage storage system that frees up some of this space can have the same effect as adding a room, and it’s a good way to increase your home’s value. Here are three tips to make the most of the storage in your garage!

Organize items for storage

First, group the bins and bulky items you need to store by their use. Measure them so you know how much space you need for each group.

Maximize space and function

Tall cabinets with double doors are great, but be sure they come with enough adjustable shelves to optimize the space inside. Include at least one lockable cabinet to keep dangerous chemicals out of reach of children and pets. Add some low cabinets on casters, creating a work surface on top. With some pegboard or a vinyl slat wall system for tools, you’ve got the beginning of a home workshop.

For easier cleaning and less clutter, keep things off the floor: store sports gear and yard tools on heavy-duty, wall-mounted hooks and racks. If you’ve got a lot of ceiling height in your garage, use it. Try an overhead storage rack for seasonal items or as a bike lift.

Choose practical storage options

There are lots of garage storage options, but organization hinges on consistency: choose cabinets and racks of the same color and type. Look for systems made of metal, plastic or wood specifically treated for garage use. And remember that bigger is not always better. You need a garage storage system that will allow you to find your stuff and still leave room for the car.

Credit: Houzz