Know About the Sun and Your Home

No matter where you live on Earth, you deal with the sun. Near the equator people seek shade. Toward the poles sunlight is precious. The sun provides more than light; it can create heat in homes: wanted in winter, avoided in summer.

Sunlight also degrades many materials. Untreated wood literally falls apart, blackens or is bleached; plastics fade and become brittle. The heat created on the south side of buildings can cause buckling of asphalt shingles in unvented roofs.

In short, if your home’s design ignores the sun, you will suffer. Most stock plans do not consider the path across the site they happen to be built upon, but many designers find the sun an inspiration in custom designs for new homes and for renovating those stock, heat ignoring designs.

The architect of this home created a simple glazed living space that opens up to become a front porch to a beautiful water view. During the warm summer months, the living area feels like a large, open porch but with large overhangs for sun and rain protection and metal siding (recycled steel) for maximum durability.

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Credit: Houzz