Brand New Kitchen Remodel & Addition

During the planning process we were able to design a  project that was able to add approximately 150 square feet to the homeowner’s kitchen. The owner on this project wanted some features that presented some real challenges for our framers.

First the kitchen addition was added in the corner of the building adjacent to a previous addition to the master bedroom. This design required the framing of a complicated hip roof to be connected to the existing addition as well as the new solid patio cover.

The second challenge was rebuilding a new second story deck on top of the solid patio cover. This deck / patio cover required us to use several different building materials to make it structurally strong as well as make it stand up to the elements and be aesthetically pleasing.

The kitchen remodel consisted of removing all drywall and run brand new electrical and plumbing systems. Prior to replacing the drywall, existing kitchen walls were plumbed for better cabinet installation.

The modular, stain grade, kitchen cabinets included a large 3’x 7’ island and desk area. We used unique “textured” granite for the counter tops and high end stainless appliances.

To finish off the project we used highly efficiency LED lighting and replaced the flooring with maple hardwood flooring.

*Light Emitting Diodes (LED) offer several benefits: they burn cool and emit a clean, colorless light that is similar to natural daylight. Not to mention the energy savings: they are rated to last anywhere from 35,000 to 200,000 hours (or more like, years), compared to the measly 1,000 hours that incandescents burn or 8,000 for compact fluorescents. LEDs also use between 80-90% less energy than an incandescent fixture.

 The patio cover was built with Douglas fir framing lumber, for strength, but was thoroughly primed, painted, and flashed to protect against the weather. The owner requested we use a Fiberon composite for the decking and steps but wanted to keep the railing natural so we finished it with redwood to maintain the look and give it a natural appeal.

We would like to thank the home owner of this beautiful new kitchen addition  remodel for putting their trust into Westhill Construction Company. Your satisfaction keeps us working hard to bring a custom touch to all of our projects.