Decorative Paint Techniques

PaintFor less than $100, you can transform a room in a single weekend. All it takes is some paint, glaze and masking tape. We’ll show you how to create three distinctly different decorative finish designs using simple tools and techniques. Even though the three finishes look unique, they’re all created by masking off sections of the wall and applying a glaze finish.

The techniques for masking and glazing are easy to learn and don’t require any special skills. However, you will need a good bit of patience since each finish entails multiple layers of glaze and careful applications of masking tape. You only need to paint one wall to achieve a dramatic effect. You could complete a wall in a day, but it’s better to set aside a weekend to allow plenty of drying time between coats of glaze.

The first step in each finish is to paint the wall with the base coat color. For this you’ll need typical painting supplies like a stepladder, drop cloth, paintbrush and roller. In addition, each of the designs requires slightly different tools and materials, and we’ll tell you about these as we show you how to create each pattern.

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