Creative Window Designs

Sure, you can always go with classic single- or double-hung windows, but what if you want something more creative? From pivoting, French and accordion-style windows to the truly different (tree trunks, garage doors), these nine creative window designs from around Houzz have charm, innovation and style in spades. See if one sparks your imagination.

creative window designsTree framed. Wish you could bring the woods indoors? This window framed by cedar logs, with the bark left on, does just that. Of course, having a spectacular view like this one of the Snake River doesn’t hurt!

French windows. Undeniably charming and romantic, French windows beg to be flung open. Without the crank mechanism of casement windows, these have a more old-world feel. They’re ideal placed within view of a garden, where the scent of flowers can float in on the breeze.

Garage door. A unique alternative to the average window, glass-paned garage doors slide right up to the ceiling and out of the way. Slick, with a definite industrial vibe, a window like this would work well in an urban apartment or loft.

creative window designsAngled. A tilted window like the one on this restored 1950s home increases your view when you’re seated near the base, so it’s perfect for a room adjacent to a lovely outdoor space. The crisp, angular lines make it a good match for a modern dwelling.

Pivoting. Opened by turning on a center pivot, the custom windows shown here provide light, air and beauty to an artist’s studio. Central pivoting windows do take up extra space when open, so be sure to plan furniture arrangements in advance to allow room. The pro? Pivoting windows definitely have that wow factor, adding architectural interest to any room they are in.

Vertical. The tall panes of glass and warm wood framing in this Frank Lloyd Wright home echo the vertical lines of the trees outside the windows, creating a seamless transition from indoors to out. A riff on this design would work well in a modern living space — especially one with high ceilings.

creative window designsBump-out with planters. Simple and well proportioned, this window bump-out adds interest to the exterior of the home and includes a planting box to boot. Having built-in window boxes is a wonderful idea, especially in closely built communities where you would like additional privacy.

Bifold. A bank of accordion-style bifold windows like these would be elegant in a master bedroom, kitchen or breakfast nook. Built-in shelving and cabinetry beneath the windows doesn’t let an inch of space go to waste.

Low hopper windows. This potting room addition to a 1919 bungalow includes classic double-hung windows above a potting bench and inward-opening hopper windows below. The lower windows allow for extra air circulation in the room, which aids plant growth … and they look stunning!