Giving the Bay Area communities a helping hand.

Proud Supporter of Rebuilding Together

Westhill construction company in Los Gatos, California supplied material and labor to assist Rebuild together in making repairs on one of their project homes on National Rebuilding day last spring.

National Rebuilding Day 2010

Thank You all for your incredible dedication this past weekend and/or weekends leading up to National Rebuilding Day 2010! It’s your commitment to the preservation of affordable housing and revitalization of our neighborhoods that has brought Rebuilding Together Peninsula successfully into its 21st year, and might I add our biggest year yet!!

A few highlights:

  • 78 sites were renovated on National Rebuilding Day : 53 homes and 25 community facilities
  • Over 3,000 volunteers assisted with repairs from Sunnyvale to Daly City and out to the Coast
  • PERFECT weather & a wonderful picnic celebration at Oracle

I was able to visit a handful of the sites, and I truly commend all of you for the incredible work that you all completed. People were working hard, having fun, and making a huge impact on the homes, facilities, and lives that you were repairing.

Thank you again for your dedication and hard work. It’s truly inspiring.

Noreen Zobel & RTP Staff