Bathroom Under $30,000

Gold Award

Westhill Construction Co., Los Gatos, Calif.
Project location: Los Gatos, Calif.
Sq. ft. before and after: 64
Project cost: $28,500

Oftentimes the best remodeling design arises from the challenge of a modest budget or from working within the confines of a small space. In this case, a wonderfully transformed bathroom resulted from both circumstances.

The clients sought a spa-like retreat that connected to their patio and pool beyond. At the same time, they sought to keep the same footprint. The solution was to keep all of the major fixtures in roughly the same places. To meet the patio connection objective, they replaced a tall window with a new full-light door to the patio. But the real creativity involved the finishes and colors.

A stacked stone wall was created for the shower area. Travertine marble was laid on the floor in a French pattern, and body sprays as well as niches for shampoos and soaps were added to make the shower as spa-like as possible.

A grand total of 2 sq. ft. were added to the shower space, which allowed for the addition of a small bench and a pony wall to create some privacy for the toilet area.

Remarkably the same vanity — original to the house in 1965 — was reused in this remodel. Westhill Construction commissioned new doors and drawers to be built to replace the existing — adding a great deal of visual interest to the room in the process. Excellent trim carpentry played an important role via a rich crown molding, beautiful casing around the door, and a nicely proportioned baseboard.

Looking at the before and after shots of this 64 sq. ft. bathroom, it is hard to believe it is the same space.

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