8 Tips for an Organized Bathroom

Organized BathroomTeaching children the art of being organized from an early age is the safest way to save your sanity. One of the rooms in a home that can get out-of-hand crazy is the bathroom. Toothpaste, lotions, tissue and towels can easily get strewn out over the counter-tops, or in the case of the toothpaste, stuck to the bathroom mirror. See how following these simple storage and organization solutions can help your family stay tidy and have an organized bathroom in no time.

– Towels and dirty laundry on the bathroom floor can be a huge pet peeve. With a laundry hamper inside the bathroom, you, your children and your spouse will have no more excuses when it comes to cleaning up.
– Placing pretty baskets on open shelving will give you the storage you need while concealing any unattractive items you may need to keep there.
– If your bathroom lacks storage space, consider adding a freestanding open-shelf cabinet. Keep items like toilet paper and extra washcloths on the lower shelves and things you’d like to keep out of reach of tiny hands way up high.
– Installing a magazine rack in the bathroom will free up space on the tank of the toilet and give the room a cleaner look.
– Curling irons, hair dryers and brushes take up a lot of space and are easily tangled. If hiring a cabinet maker to retrofit your existing drawer isn’t in your budget, try using plastic boxes within the drawer to get the same functionality.
– Keeping soaps and other bath items right above the tub where they are easily accessible is the best storage solution.
– Toiletries and medicines take up a lot of space and are oftentimes difficult to find when you need them. If your bathroom has a closet, why not use a plastic over-the-door shoe organizer? All of your items will be easy to see and grab when you need them. Just be sure to store medicines out of children’s reach.
– Consider storing items you use frequently, like cotton balls and swabs, on the counter in glass jars. They will look decorative and will always be in easy reach.

If you are interested in hiring a contractor to help you remodel your bathroom, call Westhill Construction today and we will help you get an organized bathroom!