8 Stylish Sink Types for Kitchens

Don’t underestimate the style impact of your kitchen sink. It’s worth going beyond the basics for this kitchen workhorse. There are hundreds of design elements that can make your kitchen beautiful, but the sink can really set the stage. Consider one of these sink types for your kitchen renovation — at least one should fit your space and budget.

– Repurposed. If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need to skimp on your sink’s style. Reusing a salvaged sink can add tons of character to your new kitchen.

– Custom. Is your kitchen full of windows and lacking in wall space? Get creative and work with a designer to custom design a sink. The designer placed this floating sink directly in front of floor-to-ceiling windows.

– Professional. Are you a professional chef? Or maybe you just like to cook like one. Either way, you may want a professional-grade sink to stand up to your heavy-duty cooking.

– Fully integrated. There is no molding, caulking or sink edge to work with and clean around when you have a sink connected directly to the countertop. A fully integrated sink is made of same material as the countertop, connected with virtually invisible seams.

– Apron. You don’t have to have a traditional-style kitchen to install an apron sink. These sinks have a decorative exposed front, called an apron. Contemporary colored cabinets contrast the old-world style of the apron farmhouse-style sink here.

– Hand painted. Add some of your own personal flair to your kitchen by selecting a stunning hand-painted sink.

– Stone. A sturdy stone kitchen sink is classic. This particular sink is made of the same stone as the countertops, but if you’re looking for something bolder, choose a contrasting material.

– Tile. Not everyone considers tile for the surface of their new sink — but these homeowners did. This metal mosaic-tile sink is fabulous!

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Credit: Houzz