6 Ways to Light Your Outdoor Room

Enhance those long, leisurely evenings on the patio with the right lighting. From subtle landscape lighting and string lights that cast a soft glow to sconces, pendants and more, these ideas will help spark your imagination and plan that perfect outdoor room.

1. String Lights

Nothing can beat the soft, glowing light of café-style lights strung overhead, and since they are so inexpensive, you can use them liberally without denting your budget. Good to know: Be sure to choose outdoor-rated string lights. LED bulbs will last practically forever, but incandescent bulbs will give you that trademark soft glow. Solar string lights are a great option if you want to hang them far from an outlet.

2. Sconces

Sconces are a great option when you want to cast a glow on an open patio. Good to know: A lantern-style fixture will cast a larger glow than one mounted flush against the house, so think about going for something larger than you might use on, say, the front porch.

3. Landscape Lighting

Not just for the backyard, low-voltage landscape lighting can ramp up the ambience of your patio. Good to know: Generally not enough to light up an outdoor room on its own, landscape lighting can work well in conjunction with sconces or string lights. Try a few low lights in bushes surrounding the patio or illuminating a pathway. Because landscape lighting is low voltage, this is a relatively easy and safe DIY project, should you choose to give it a whirl.

4. Pendant Lights

Few things say outdoor room quite as elegantly as a well-placed pendant light. Good to know: If you decide to replace an existing overhead fixture yourself, be sure the new fixture is similar in weight to the old one — if it’s much heavier, a pro may need to put in a new junction box that can take the additional weight.

5. Recessed Lighting

Simple and sleek, recessed lights would be perfect tucked into the covered patio of a contemporary or modern home. Good to know: Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the lighting to perfectly suit the mood — and a dimmer is something you can do yourself.

6. Stair Riser Lights

This small touch can add ambience and prevent falls. Good to know: Having just one or two steps can actually cause more accidents than a taller staircase. Especially at dusk, that single step can be easy to miss, so adding a light is a kind thing to do.

Credit: Houzz

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