5 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

5 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to AvoidAs the host of DIY Network’s “I Hate My Bath,” licensed contractor Jeff Devlin has seen his share of renovation missteps both big and small. “I see mistakes all the time,” he says, “and most of them are so easy to prevent!” Read on to find out the five most common bathroom renovation mistakes Devlin encounters — and how you can avoid them in your home.

1. Ignoring the bathroom fan

“Overlooking your bathroom fan is a huge mistake,” Devlin observes. “Sometimes people don’t install one or they don’t clean the one they have.” Without proper ventilation, he explains, humidity builds up on surfaces, and over time this moisture will cause paint and grout to deteriorate and mildew to form. Vacuuming the vent on a regular basis will help keep the fan clean. To determine if your fan is overdue for a cleaning, turn it on and hold a square of toilet paper up to the vent. If the paper stays up on its own when you let go, air is still flowing.

2. Lacking a clear plan before demolition

“Sometimes people think they can figure out what needs to be done as they go along,” says Devlin. “But you need a plan in place before you start any demolition.” Devlin believes you should have everything sketched out ahead of time, from your budget, to your materials, to the question of who will be doing which parts of the work. “Planning is everything,” he emphasizes.

3. Being unrealistic about a budget

“Don’t lie to yourself and try to do a $20,000 renovation when you have only $10,000 to work with,” Devlin urges. “You’ll only have to cut corners at the end of the project and you won’t be pleased with the results.” He suggests taking a careful look at your finances and getting a realistic number in your head. “Write the number down, put that amount in your bank account, and stick to it!”

4. Overlooking small mistakes

As your renovation goes along, Devlin advises, always fix mistakes — even the smallest ones — as soon as you notice them. “If one tile isn’t exactly flush or your paint strokes are going in all directions, fix it right away,” he stresses. “Don’t convince yourself you’ll learn to live with it. Those mistakes will always bother you, and if you can see them, then other people can see them too.”

5. Losing focus toward the end

Many people, Devlin reports, are excited about the renovation process at the beginning but lose steam as they approach the finish line. “They might take forever to frame out the room,” he says, “but by the end, they’re so eager to see the completed room, they start to rush.” The problem here is that the finish work is extremely important to the overall look of the space. “People should reverse the trend,” he muses. “Move at a steady pace at the beginning and slow down at the end to be sure everything is done correctly. Your patience will pay off!”

credit: zillow